Sunday, July 10, 2011

This is summer school?

Truth be told, I forget I have to attend class four days out of the week (no Fridays woop!) and stroll in just before they begin.  "History of Ancient Rome" is your standard history class and meets Monday through Thursday from 4 to 5:45 PM; however, the time never interferes with dinner plans because it is taken so late, after 7 PM.  I adore my professor and definitely appreciate anyone who can teach history in an interesting and story-like manner- he's great!  It's an entirely different experience when you can walk to any place studied in class and see it in person; for example, we have two field trips to Ostia Antica and even Pompeii, is this real life?

"Art History:  Ancient Rome and Its Monuments" compliments my other course so well.  Get this, it's onsite, basically Rome is our classroom!  I can't even take notes half of the time because I'm so intrigued by the history that I can see, walk on, and touch.  Incredible.  We meet only twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday from 9 to 12:45, it's intense.

Our first class met at the Foro Romano, the Roman Forum which has the best ruins, hands down, of Rome and gives you an amazingly clear view of how the city originally looked.

On top of the Palatine hill
Garden of the Vestal Virgins

One last interesting thing, Rome has been built and rebuilt and much of the marble that once covered what remains of the temples was stripped away during the Renaissance for other building, art purposes.

Gnocchi for dinner- simple & perfect

I haven't eaten one meal inside here!

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