Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I have some catching up to do!

Ciao!  I'm writing multiple entries tonight because I finally have time to sit down, and I'm sure this is against blogging conduct, oh well.  I'm going to start with story time before we reach the educational portion.

Rewind to last Saturday:  Before I say anything else, Europeans know how to party... every night of the week... until 4 AM.  This is pretty standard.  Campo di Fiori is a piazza just over the bridge that is surrounded by bars and restaurants that generally attracts a pretty young crowd.  The original crew (that is the group of us that met upon arriving in the zoo- Fiumicino airport) are quickly becoming regulars at Sloppy's and The Drunken Ship which are both American owned and provide BP tables, classic.  You can also get any drink you desire in pitcher form for a grand total of 16 euros complete with large neon straws.

Me, Tara + half the crew last night.  These straws were larger than usual...

After meeting the owner of Sloppy's and accepting free shots, we wandered into a club with a crowd of men being denied entrance; whereas, we immediately jumped the line with no cover.  This clearly should have been a red flag:  dude fest.  The club may or may not represent all clubs in Rome; but for lack of a better word, it was creepy.  I did enjoy their choice of American music:  Black & Yellow... no.

We finally made our way into the VIP room when Tara was approached by an Italian fellow named Adriano.  Naturally, he was suave and charming and attempted to follow us out of the fire exit (don't do this).  Fast forward, Adriano insists on taking Tara out to lunch Thursday as well as giving her a tour of Rome from a different "perspective" on his vespa.  What this "perspective" is, we do not know.  We took to Facebook to provide an obligatory background check and have concluded that Adriano is significantly older, only wears suits, owns a collection of baller vehicles, and has several homes in Italy.  I'm also sure he is dapper and well mannered.  In other words, we have a Lizzie McGuire story of our own.  Tara, I hope you return alive.

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